the next generation all-in-one investment aggregator

What is Ovisor

Ovisor is the next generation all-in-one investment aggregator.
“Our goal is to break down investment barriers and help retail investors overcome the obstacles they face when engaging in cryptocurrency investing. ”
To achieve this goal, Ovisor uses advanced analytics and algorithms to track market data and build portfolios and indices for investors to choose from.
Ovisor also analyzes users’ historical data to assess their investment preferences and recommends portfolios accordingly. Basically, the Ovisor protocol includes the following features:
•Portfolio Universe: Ovisor will provide more than 300 completed portfolios which are updated regularly for users to choose from.
• KNOW System: Ovisor will conduct wallet analyses and questionnaires to evaluate the investor’s risk adversion, holding period, investment cap, etc.
• Recommendation Engine: Ovisor will recommend investment strategies using be- havior learning.

Reasons for choosing Ovisor

Nowadays, there is a huge influx of people and capital into the world of cryptocurrencies. Investors are desperate for an aggregated investment solution which facilities learning, trading, earning. The time of change has come. Ovisor is thus created to be the game-changer and to lower the barriers to investing. We have identified 3 existing pain points and will address them with our powerful protocol.
  1. 1.
    ❌High learning costs and entry barriers: The cryptocurrency industry is changing extremely fast that it is difficult for newcomers and even experienced investors to keepup with it. There is a huge gap between developers and active users i.e., investors in thesecondary market. Investors who are new to the crypto industry may lack the abilityto understand information such as white papers and copy, let alone make deliberateinvestment decisions on their own.
  2. 2.
    ❌Single functionality: Despite the significant number of products and strategies for investors to choose from, most investment protocols like DEXs and yield aggregators feature one function only, e.g. Linch and yield compound. For experienced traders and investors, this may be fine. But for newcomers to the industry, it is time-consuming and painful. Why can't we have it all?
  3. 3.
    ❌Low customization: If you are experienced in crypto investment, we are sure that you have encountered this problem. Most aggregators available now are either highly risk adverse or highly risk liking. Individual investors can hardly follow their hearts and choose the risk levels they really want.
  4. 4.
    ❌Lack of highly aggregated exchange traded funds (ETFs): ETFs should be an important part of investing (as it diversifies the investment portfolio). However, they are not quite popular in the cryptocurrency world because there is no easy and cheap way to trade them. The market is looking for a highly aggregated ETF trading platform, and Ovisor is the answer.
In view of the above pain points, Ovisor has created an all-in-one investment aggregation platform to help users invest wisely and conveniently.
  • An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a basket of securities that trades on an exchange just like a stock does.
  • As the Defi industry develops, ETFs should be a great part of crypto investment. And Ovisor will be the solution to on-chain ETF trading